Heidolph Tuttnauer Autoclave Sterilizer Electronic Air-Driven Model with Stainless Steel Trays

$6,595.00 (as of May 18, 2019, 3:30 am)

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Product Description

The Heidolph Tuttnauer autoclave is an electric air-driven sterilizer to be had in several different capacities, with a 120 or 220V power source, an air-driven pump, and steel trays for maximizing space in the chamber. The autoclave has four adjustable programs with temperature selections from 105 to 137 degrees C (221 to 279 degrees F) with sterilization times up to 59 minutes for simplified and reproducible operations. Stainless steel trays maximize space in the chamber by holding instruments, liquids, laboratory equipment, and other items to be sterilized. After the sterilization cycle is complete, the air-driven pump circulates hot air to make sure thorough drying and to reduce drying time.

A digital display often shows temperature, pressure, and running time. All cycle stages are automatic and microprocessor-controlled, from water-fill, to sterilization, exhaust, and drying. The autoclave has a low water alarm for notifying users when the reservoir must be refilled, an in-line particle filter to offer protection to valves, and a standby heating function to keep the chamber warm between cycles. The autoclave also has a combination pressure and temperature gauge, and an automatic low water shutoff prevents damage to the heating elements if there is insufficient water for sterilization. A heat-insulated, double-locking door helps protect users from accidental burns and also prevents the chamber from being opened all over the sterilization cycle. The autoclave has fast or slow exhaust selections. Fast exhaust quickly dries solids, and slow exhaust prevents media and liquid boil over. A closed-door drying cycle maintains sterility and removes extra moisture after sterilization. Continuous pressure purge removes air pockets and ensures even sterilization, and a water reservoir with the drain located on top simplifies cleaning. The autoclave also automatically shuts off for energy savings, and a battery backup ensures that controls retain their settings in the event of power failure.

Autoclaves are ovens that sterilize laboratory instruments and can kill bacteria, viruses or both. They’re frequently used in laboratories to sterilize lab equipment, media and liquids, and may also be designed to meet different health, safety, and environmental standards.

Heidolph USA, a subsidiary of Heidolph GmbH (founded in 1938), manufactures laboratory products such as evaporators, pumps, autoclaves, shakers, stirrers, ductless hoods and workstations. The company is headquartered in Chicago, IL. .

Electric benchtop autoclave for steam sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items
Stainless steel trays for holding labware and maximizing space in the chamber
Several chamber capacities to be had for sterilizing different sizes of lab equipment
Make a choice from a 120 or 220V power source
Four adjustable programs with temperature selections from 105 to 137 degrees C (221 to 279 degrees F) with sterilization times up to 59 minutes for simplified and reproducible operations

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With 2 Stainless Steel Trays, 15 Inch Diameter Chamber, 220V, 85 L-22.5 Gallon Electric Air-Driven Sterilizer, With 3 Stainless Steel Trays, 9 Inch Diameter Chamber, 120V, 19 L-5 Gallon Electric Air-Driven Sterilizer, With 4 Stainless Steel Trays, 10 Inch Diameter Chamber, 120V, 23 L-6 Gallon Electric Air-Driven Sterilizer