Adam Equipment Aluminium Triple Beam Mechanical Balance

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The Adam Equipment aluminum triple beam mechanical balance is operated by positioning the 10g, 100g, and 500g sliding weights along the notched and tiered beams. The weights have an indicator in the center, and the beams are graduated to help ensure accurate readings and repeatable results. The stainless steel weighing pan resists corrosion from spills of most sample materials and the aluminum housing is sturdy and durable. The balance has an integrated weigh-below hook for determining the density of solid samples. The three included counterweights for weighing above capacity can also be stored on the balance base.

The aluminum housing has a built-in ruler, protractor, and measurement conversion chart for more than a few measuring applications. An integrated security slot for locks and cables safeguards the balance from unauthorized use or theft.


Units of measurement Grams (g)
Weighing pan, diameter 150mm / 6 inches
Balance dimensions, H x W x D 160 x 505 x 110mm / 6.3 x 19.9 x 4.3 inches
Front beam configuration 10g weight, 0.1g increments
Middle beam configuration 500g weight, 100g increments
Rear beam configuration 100g weight, 10g increments
Counterweight configurations (2) 1kg, (1) 500g

H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

Balances are measuring instruments used to decide the mass of an object, whilst scales are used to measure the weight of an object. The measurement results from balances are typically thought to be to be more precise compared to results from scales. Mechanical balances are the simplest type of balance, and use a lever and slide to indicate the measurement. Conventional balances are commonly used in offices, the jewelry industry, and in kitchens, and display results digitally, but are less precise and accurate than analytical balances. Analytical balances measure to a high degree of precision and accuracy (0.0001g or better), and display results digitally. These balances have a cover with doors to prevent dust and airflow from affecting the measurement. Moisture balances analyze moisture content in a material sample, the usage of infrared or halogen heat sources to dry the sample and then calculate the moisture content from the before- and after-drying weight, and display results digitally, on the balance, or transfer the information for display on a pc.

Adam Equipment manufactures balances, scales, and related accessories for laboratory, educational, industrial, retail, and medical applications. The company, which was once founded in the United Kingdom in 1972 and has an office in Danbury, CT, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standards.

Mechanical triple-beam balance provides precision weighing results
Three sliding weights on the notched and tiered graduated beams help ensure accurate readings
Stainless steel 150mm (6-inch) diameter weighing pan is corrosion resistant
Durable aluminum housing includes a built-in storage slot for the included counterweights
Integrated ruler, protractor, and conversion chart for more than one measuring applications

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2.61kg Capacity, 0.1g Readability, 2.61kg Capacity, 0.1g Readability with Tare Beam, 610g Capacity, 0.1g Readability


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